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  • ELDP awarded $11 million by Arcadia
    The Endangered Languages Documentation Programme (ELDP) has been awarded a new grant of $11 million by the Arcadia Fund. The grant is a renewal of the original donation Arcadia gave to SOAS in 2002, which resulted in the inception of ELDP. (Mandana Seyfeddinipur, 03 May 2015)
  • HRELP in China
    Peter Austin accompanied a group of Hong Kong University students on fieldwork in Dimen Dong village, Guizhou, China, 7-15th March (see details here), and gave lectures at Jinan University (Guangzhou) and Hunan University (Changsha) 16th-22nd March. (Peter Austin, 23 Mar 2015)
  • ELDP grant round closed
    The ELDP grant round is now closed. Notification of results will be 15 June 2015. (Mandana Seyfeddinipur, 15 Jan 2015)
  • HRELP Annual Report 2014 online
    The HRELP annual report for 2014 is now online. The report describes the activities of the three programmes ELAP, ELAR and ELDP during the year 2014. It can be downloaded here (Mandana Seyfeddinipur, 06 Jan 2015)
  • LDLT conference proceedings
    All 112 papers from the four Language Documentation and Linguistic Theory conferences held at SOAS (2007-2013) can now be accessed here (Peter Austin, 21 Dec 2014)
  • Peter Austin awarded Honorary Doctorate
    Prof Peter K. Austin has been awarded an Honorary Doctorate honoris causa by Uppsala University for contributions to the study of endangered languages (more details here).
  • ELDP grant round 2015 open
    The Endangered Languages Documentation Programme (ELDP) offers one granting cycle for 2015. The grant opened on 15th October 2014 and closes on 15th January 2015, 5pm (GMT). Details here (Mandana Seyfeddinipur, 15 Oct 2014)
  • HRELP at BAAL Conference
    Peter Austin and Julia Sallabank gave a joint presentation at the British Association for Applied Linguistics conference, University of Warwick, 4-6 September. (Peter Austin, 10 Sep 2014)

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Endangered Languages

Today, there are about 7,000 languages spoken on earth. Half of them are under threat of extinction within this century. The Hans Rausing Endangered Languages Project at SOAS, University of London, supports research, training, and archiving for endangered languages throughout the world.

In Memoriam Prof Emmon Bach (1929-2014)

HRELP is saddened to announce that Professor Emmon Bach, Professorial Research Associate of the Department of Linguistics at SOAS, passed away on 28th November. Emmon had a long association with Linguistics at SOAS, teaching courses in fieldmethods and presenting seminars, and guest lectures on a range of topics. He was an member of the committee which in 2001 drafted the successful bid to the Lisbet Rausing Charitable Fund (now Arcadia) that led to the establishment of HRELP at SOAS in 2002. In 2004 he was awarded a 3-year ELDP Major Documentation Project grant on Documentation and analysis of Haisla and Henaaksiala (North Wakashan) of Kitamaat Village, British Columbia. His deposit of project materials in the ELAR archive is currently being processed for dissemination. In 2005 he presented a paper at an ELAP workshop on Contact and Varitation in Language Documentation. Over the past 12 years staff and students in HRELP have benefitted enormously from Emmon's wisdom, advice and support on a wide range of issues in endangered languages research. He will be very much missed. (For other reflections on Emmon's life see here.)


OREL - Online Resources for Endangered Languages - has now been revised updated with 50 new resources. OREL is a library of nearly 400 annotated and categorised links in English and Arabic to websites about endangered language documentation and revitalisation.

OREL includes specialist endangered languages pages in Arabic.

OREL قائمة جديدة لأكثر من‮ ‬80‮ ‬مورد إلكترونية منشورة بالعربية مختصة بتهديد اللغات ووصف اللغات المه

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Browse podcasts by HRELP staff, students and visitors. These are available for listening and download ... listen to our podcasts  ...

ELAP Alumni

Since 2004 ELAP has graduated around 120 MA students and 8 PhD students. Here you can read about the activities of some of them following their graduation ... read more ...



LD&D In our 12th volume of Language Documentation and Description, researchers discuss archiving and language documentation. ... read more ...

Foundation for Endangered Languages books are also available here, see the FEL books page

Annual Report

HRELP's Annual Report describes the many different activities of all three project arms ELAP, ELAR and ELDP during 2014.

Recent events

Tur Abdin, Turkey (pic by Mehmet Toprak)
ELDP and ELAR presented their work with endangered languages in the Middle East and North Africa. ELDP grantees, alumni and friends presented their research in Iran, Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt, Algeria, Yemen and Oman. ELAR showcased their preservation and dissemination of documentary collections of endangered languages. ... read more ....

The 4th Language Documentation and Linguistic Theory biennial conference was held 7-8 December 2013. The conference aims to bring together researchers working on linguistic theory and language documentation and description, with a particular focus on innovative work on under-described or endangered languages. Last year the event also celebrated the 80th anniversary of the Department of Linguistics at SOAS.... read more ...

ELAP PhD Graduates

In the past three years, ten PhD students have graduated from the Field Linguistics programme in ELAP ... read more ...