The Hans Rausing Endangered Languages Project  The Hans Rausing Endangered Languages Project

Language Documentation and Description Volume 8

Special issue: Oral Literature and Language Endangerment


Volume 8 is a special issue containing papers from the 2009 Workshop of the World Oral Literature Project that discussed ethical strategies for collecting, recording, preserving and disseminating endangered oral literature.

The contributions published here represent seven of the sixteen papers presented at the workshop, along with an additional paper by Roger Blench and Fredeliza Campos, whose fieldwork was funded by the World Oral Literature Project. With the publication of these papers, the contributors and editors seek to take the conversations on practical and theoretical issues surrounding the study of oral traditions to a wider audience.

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  • Editor's Preface Imogen Gunn & Mark Turin
  • Rewards and Issues in Studying Oral Literature: Some personal reflections Ruth Finnegan
  • Reading the Lontars: Endangered Literature Practices of Lombok, eastern Indonesia Peter K. Austin
  • Recording Oral Literature in a Literate Society: A Case Study from the northern Philippines Roger Blench & Fredeliza Campos
  • Documenting Ceremonial Dialogues: An in vitro Performance and the Problem of Textualisation Martin Gaenszle
  • The Parched Grain Chant: Parallel Verse and Simultaneous Action in Magar Rituals Michael Oppitz
  • Re-sounding the Spirits of Altaian Oral Epic Performance: Kai throat-singing and its Repercussions Carole Pegg
  • Participatory Culture Documentation on the Tibetan Plateau Gerald Roche and others
  • 'Producing' Thangmi Ritual Texts: Practice, Rerformance and Collaboration Sara Shneiderman


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